Brand Identity

We want your brand story to grab attention.

From small interactions all the way to your print and digital presence, we want your brand voice to be consistent. With a little professional help from us, you can control how your brand is perceived.

PPM Lynx

A lynx inside of a circle for a logo sounds like a daring idea. It was as daring as what this brand wants to achieve. Wedged inside a dark blue circle, the upward gaze displays focus, confidence and curiosity. It was the right choice for PPM Lynx, a cloud-based quality management system that intends to serve the medical industry.


Modern, minimalistic, yet bold, and always straight to the point, that’s the Intelliveer brand for you. With a combination of white, black, grey, and a very vibrant saffron, the practice management software plans to bring efficiency, convenience, and ingenuity to health care applications.

IV Care

A logo can tell you exactly what sector the brand caters to. For IV Care, the drop as the i’s dot says a lot. Specializing in IV infusions that overcome any and all health challenges, the brand’s essence permeates from just the logo. With a color palette, design, and tonality in sync with the healthcare industry, IV fits in yet stands out. What are your thoughts?

Our happy place

Our design studio is a place of much happiness, humor and creativity. It is where we turn ideas into something tangible, beautiful and worth experiencing.



Branding isn’t only about the design. It's also about portraying the brand’s vision and capabilities throughout its user journey. For Kahaheal, a high-quality medicinal cannabis provider, it was the offer of accessibility and ease of streamlining an otherwise tiresome process. We believe we did a good job reflecting their website's motto.

Sama Sitara

Sometimes all you want is an instant visual connection. It starts with your brand’s name, its logo, the imagery you use to represent it, and the words that give it a voice. The apparel brand, Sama Sitara, goes a step further. We not only wanted to create a connection between the brand and its audience but also connect the audience with the owner’s vision. Her love and appreciation for the clothing she creates emit from every interaction you have with the brand.

Why Brand Enhancement is Crucial for Business Survival?

Why Brand Enhancement is Crucial for Business Survival?

According to recent studies, nearly 60% of consumers can't recall a single memorable feature about the last brand they encountered. In an era saturated with information, standing out is not just a challenge but a necessity. This is where the concept of brand enhancement comes into play. The world where logos do yoga and taglines find their zen. Let’s just ...



Discover the difference between brand and customer experience. Because although they are interconnected, they have multiple differences. Find out more! Have you ever been to a restaurant because it was viral on social media? Its ambiance, food, decor, and service were all the rage. And you just knew that you had to try it, and you did.  We are sure, ...


Global Defence Specialist

When you are an expert, you want people to know it. Looking at Global Defense Specialists’ logo, you can’t get any other notions. With a wing encompassed inside a circle, you know what you will get from the aviation consultant. The wing breaking out of the ring wasn’t a coincidence either. The brand also wanted to showcase its growth, so what better way to imply endless possibilities than breaking barriers?

Germ Squad Pro

A revolutionary sanitization technology provider mandated a name and a logo that did its mission justice. Germ Squad Pro made the brand stand out as an expert, while the logo with the + sign and dispersed dots made the technology behind the electrostatic spray relatable to their audience.


Visual communication boasting tranquility and peace is a no-brainer for a brand specializing in battling depression using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. SCPC TMS’s calming, neutral color palette and subtle typography effectively translate its voice. Tell us if you agree or disagree.

Design is the silent ambassador
of your brand

Paul Rand

Sydney Fagan

A minimalistic design approach goes a long way in enunciating the brand's essence. Sydney Fagan's passion for assisting people in creating new habits and dislodging old feelings and beliefs gets portrayed effortlessly.


A brand’s color palette, imagery, and site map all point to the role it would play in its audience’s story. Just a single glimpse of its website should give you insights into its mission. For QRPromoz, that’s exactly what we did.