Packaging Design

We are totally clued in to what is called ‘Packvertising’

We want your brand to make the consumer feel something. Packaging is a core element of your branding and we want you to use it as a power tool for marketing.


A prize winning concept for product and packaging design, for Dettol, one of the world’s most trusted brands in the area of personal hygeine and medicine. The project was to create a product that moves beyond ‘germ kill’ by helping good bacteria flourish and consequently evolve Dettol into a gentler, more approachable brand.

The design was ranked No.1 worldwide in an innovation competition!

EMF Solutions

EMF Solutions offers electromagnetic frequency remediation through a line of innovative products that are becoming a rage with the health conscious. We gave them a few packaging design options, from a minimal black and white to something more natural and earthy, from a vibrant green to a medley of colors. Tell us which you like!


A prize winning concept and packaging design for Hershey’s, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. Powerpuffs are chocolate spheres filled with the goodness of avocado and topped with nutty flax seeds.

The design was ranked No.2 worldwide!

Our happy place

Our design studio is a place of much happiness, humor and creativity. It is where we turn ideas into something tangible, beautiful and worth experiencing.



L’Onore serves soulful brick oven-fired pizzas and local craft beer in a charming neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada. They create their pizzas with monkish purity and simplicity. Each ingredient is sourced with integrity and care; their dough is naturally leavened, and they mill local organic wheat every day to make our dough. For them, we created an illustration with a cheesy landscape. This illustration has added much pizzazz to their packaging design!

Sama Sitara

Sama Sitara is a beautiful apparel brand. The founder, Megha Heitmann’s love for India, its colorful vibe, and the various fabrics and patterns inspired her to start something authentic. Their mission is to scour India for the finest fabrics, rich in color and complexity. They use local crafts people in India, women seamstresses to stich their kaftans by hand. We created for them an earthy and environment friendly packaging design that looks just as premium as their clothing line!

Crafting a Winning Marketing Package for Small Businesses: A Tradebuilder Perspective

Crafting a Winning Marketing Package for Small Businesses: A Tradebuilder Perspective

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Sandiva was born with a mission to bring back the goodness of sandalwood in products that fit right into the daily skincare regimen. They source 100% pure sandalwood from the forests of southern India. We gave them a soft, playful and sophisticated packaging design that uses a blush pink and gold color pallette.

With Inception

Awe Foods

AWE, as in Air Water Earth, is a new line of packaged food that aims to become a staple in Indian cooking. These are high quality products made with only the best ingredients. Through the packaging design, we aimed to give them a brand that speaks to the customer. We designed a custom label which incorporates the elements Air, Water, and Earth alongside the main ingredient.

With Inception

Germs Away Plus

If you can’t wash your hands with warm water and soap, you should have available a personal hand sanitizer. In comes Germs Away Plus. Their moisturizing hand sanitizers now come in simple sachets that are cost effective by reducing wastage caused due to elaborate graphics and large sizes.

Hemp2 Oh

Hemp2 Oh is a one stop shop for CBD products in Tennessee. Even for your pets! We gave them a packaging design that embraces minimalism, uses a simple art style and is entirely free of clutter. We focused on clear labelling and branding throughout the design.


Potin is organic green tea from the hills of Arunachal Pradesh. This tea is set to be exported across countries and be sold in the domestic market as well. The project was to create an idenity and packaging design with a boutique look.