Six Ways to Leverage the Holidays in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

March 7, 2024

Six Ways to Leverage the Holidays in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If we asked you what time of the year is the busiest for your business, would you say the holidays? If we asked you what time of year your business gets the highest sales, would you say the holidays? 

We know the holiday season is the most important time of the year for e-commerce and retailers. Holiday retail sales are expected to grow to a new record of almost $960 billion, which is an approximate 8% increase from 2021 sales. With such a substantial number at play, your social media becomes key. You must have the right holiday marketing strategy for social media to leverage the season. 

We are here to help you with 6 strategies that you can implement in your marketing endeavors during the holiday season. ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year; let’s make it even more wonderful for your business.

  • The holiday season is all about showing gratitude. Ensure your audience feels it.

Showing gratitude to your customers will make them feel valued. In the stress and hurry of finishing gift shopping, even the most loyal customers can stray. A thank you email can do wonders in keeping them dedicated. 

While you are doing that, remember to give a unique and memorable experience to your audience that makes them look forward to your brand year after year. Holidays give you the opportunity to go all out on your website, in your ads, emails, and social media. 

  • Tis the season of giving, join in with freebies.

Holiday season marketing cannot be complete without freebies. The spirit of Christmas mandates giving, and giveaways are just the way to incorporate that in your marketing plan. 

These giveaways can be done in a few ways. 

  • Just a small free sample of a future product will make your audience feel valued and motivated to buy more in the future. Consider it like a teaser more than a freebie. 
  • You can also put a cap on the giveaway, which means you can put a stipulation of a minimum purchase of a certain value, say $75. It will entice the consumer to buy more than he intended. 
  • If you are a small business and cannot afford to offer giveaways, you can choose free shipping. That will also have a similar effect on buyers. 

Whatever you decide on, you will see the results in the sales.

  • Get people talking about the holidays, and leverage what they say.

People love talking about the holidays. Christmas is what many look forward to in the whole year. So, driving marketing campaigns that facilitate holiday discussions is the way to create a more Christmas-centric customer experience because you get to know exactly what your audience wants. 

Running Instagram posts that ask your audience what they are excited about, what they want, and what they need during the upcoming season will give you first-hand insights. This will prepare you to deliver bespoke solutions. For instance, if a customer commented asking for free shipping, and you decide to offer it, you can simply tag him, thanking him for his advice. The kind of connections you will have created after that will be unlike any other.

You will have to be cautious about negative responses, though. Responding to those in a positive way will keep the holiday spirit alive. That should be your aim.

  • Holidays are about traditions. Create your own and evoke emotions. 

Everyone loves holiday traditions. They bring out an emotional side in us that we often forget in our busy lives . The season gives you a chance to make your content ignite more emotions than at any other time. If you can capture the spirit of the season, you will most definitely appeal to your audience and make them a part of your brand’s holiday journey. 

Inspirational stories and messages of your customers and employees;

Behind the scenes of your team’s holiday efforts; 

Instances of your company giving back to the community in the spirit of Christmas.

Just sharing these three will humanize your brand and make your audience connect with you at an emotional level. That’s a connection that’ll evoke feelings of long-term loyalty and trust.

  •  The holidays are the theme. Make your ads and content resonate with them.

Incorporating a holiday theme in all your ad campaigns will give another push to your marketing endeavors in the season. Just a simple description like, ‘Give your family the perfect holiday gift’ in your PPC ads will boost the performance.

You can take this approach to your content as well. Make your blog posts, social media, and landing pages holiday themed. Syndicating content is another thing you can consider during the season. It’ll allow you to give your customers a more unified experience.

  • You want to retain the holiday traffic after the year ends. So, don’t forget to market your brand.

Everybody promotes their products during the season; that’s often a priority in every marketing strategy. Promoting your brand would leave a more lasting impression. With the changing landscape of business, it has become crucial to emphasize your USPs if you want to stand out. And holidays are the perfect time to do it. 

By focusing on your brand, you can demonstrate your company values and distinguish yourself from the competition. 

If you produce vegan, eco-friendly products, promote it. 

If you have a community program, promote it. 

If you have a waste management program, promote it.

This added effort into your branding will give your customers another reason to invest in your company.

The takeaway

The holidays can do wonders for your revenue goals. Customers’ shopping appetite, both online and curbside, increases. Curating a strategic digital marketing plan to capitalize on the increased inclination to shop in the season will help you position your brand above others and earn loyal customers. And that is where we come in. 

Our team holds expertise in everything digital marketing requires. From a website revamp for the holidays to your social media and eCommerce setup for the season, we will make everything sail smoothly through the year's end and afterward.

We always put your customers front and center when we plan digital for you and that’s why our plans always prove fruitful. We are here, if you need any guidance or support. You can call us at +1 (844) 822-8442 or visit