May 2, 2023


We all know how critical landing pages are for any business. Businesses invest a great deal of time, money, and energy to perfect the keywords, work on the SEO strategies and get the landing page design right. However, the KPIs do not show expected results. And even if there is a lot of incoming traffic, the conversation rates are low. 

The most common reason behind poor performance in most campaigns is faulty landing page optimization.

And as disappointing as it might be, many businesses struggle with landing page optimizations at least some point in time. This is why we are here to help. 

Landing pages should not only appeal to your primary interest group but also compel them to act, measure up to their assumptions and finally, make a conversion.

Want to optimize your landing page for high conversion rates? Here are seven tips for creating a high conversion landing page.

Content optimization: 

Landing pages often have a high bounce rate when the content is irrelevant to the target audience. Optimizing your landing page for content is a great way to increase page views and conversion. Here are two ways to optimize your landing page for content. 

  • Optimize your landing page for SEO

People find landing pages via organic search constantly. Landing pages designed for search engine optimization (SEO) look different from pages designed for paid media. Search engines are more likely to send organic search traffic to pages that they don't think offer value for their users. That is the reason gated content rarely comes on Google. You would need to open your content to search engines through the resource or blog section and catch leads with exit intent Pop-up tools or different offers.

  • Include Clear Calls to Action for Your Landing Page

Call-to-action (CTAs) are the essential piece of your landing page. Your Call-to-action should be tied explicitly to your objective and supported by all the other things on your page, from the headline and body copy to pictures and general format. Keep your CTAs clear and ensure clients know the next stage.

Technical optimization: 

  • Keep Forms on Your Landing Page Simple

If your page has a form, ensure it requests the primary data. If you're trying to get users to sign up for an email newsletter, ensure you're simply asking them for their name and email address. Don't overcomplicate things.

If you're requesting them to purchase, ask for billing and shipping data, and include an affirmation screen before placing their order. Please wait until after they've submitted their request and then ask for extra data.

Requesting much data right off the bat diminishes the possibility of users finishing the activity you need them to take.

  • Limit the number of activities on the landing page

Eliminate website navigation components, additional structure fields, or other unnecessary functions. You wouldn't believe how a simple design with a blank area can lead to more changes.

  • Keep the critical part above the fold.

Landing pages are one area where the fold is essential. Your CTA should be situated close to the top of the page, where somebody can click it without scrolling. This doesn't imply that your users won't look down the page to read more information.

Ideally, a small percentage of your users will be prepared to purchase when they show up on your landing page. Either because the email or link that brought them there previously convinced them or because it's not their first time visiting one of your landing pages. 

  • Decrease page load time

Usually, people use their cell phones to surf the internet. The faster you can make your page load, the lower the bounce rate and abandonment issues.

Authority optimization: 

  • Establish credibility and trust for the business

Test adding other client logos, partner logos, a client quote, a client contextual analysis, surveys, or different types of social evidence to the landing page. Once in a while, all it takes is adding a telephone number or Verisign identification for possible clients to believe that you are maintaining a real business and they will not be cheated.