About Us

Tradebuilder Inc. with its head office in California offers design, technology and marketing services to clients primarily in the real estate, financial services and healthcare sectors.

We offer a Digital Marketing Program (DMP) that covers the entire gamut of services that you may need to run your own successful marketing department, and we understand how to leverage technology and applications for better results. We partner with our customers to come up with strategies and campaigns that could help them in acquisition, retention and re-marketing their products and services.

The websites that we create are tightly integrated with our IMK (Marketing Automation) Platform and so far we have helped several real estate agents, agencies, dental practices, mortgage agents, lending institutions, insurance companies and educational institutions. We believe in innovation and we are constantly looking for opportunities to automate as well as personalize customer interactions.

San Jose, CA

90 Great Oaks Blvd. Suite #205A


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+1 (844) 822-8442

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm


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